Saturday, January 15, 2011


I know that I created this blog to be about my old house, gardening, and projects that I'm doing, but, like everyone else, I have more going on in my life than just that.  I wanted to write a post about something else that is important to me.  I have never been an athletic type of person.  Over the years I've started and stopped more exercise programs than, as my grandma would say, you can shake a stick at.  Until I found T-Tapp.  T-Tapp literally changed my life and I don't say that lightly!

What is T-Tapp? "T-Tapp is a series of copyrighted, sequential movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment. Its special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movement helps establish better alignment as well as increased strength and flexibility of the spine, better neuro-kinetic flow, lymphatic function, and increased metabolic rate. Its physical therapy approach to fitness makes it safe for those with shoulder, hip, knee, neck, and back concerns. Yet, it delivers a challenging workout for all fitness levels!"

I have suffered with back pain from scoliosis and kyphosis for most of my life.  I once weighed 229 lbs. and wore a size 24.  In  2008, I came across this rehabilitative program on the internet called T-Tapp.  The claims seemed too good to be true.  Lost inches and sizes.  Pain relief.  I continued to visit the site as my pain continued to increase.  I was having trouble doing some of my favorite things.  Gardening would send me to my recliner with a heating pad for days.

I finally ordered the Total Workout.  It sat on my shelf for several months.  My pain finally became so intense in March of 2009 that I told my husband that as long as I could get out of bed, I was going to do the Basic Workout (part of Total Workout) every day for ten days.  I can't kid you, the first three days were excruciating. I spent about three hours on the heating pad each night. By the fourth day, I was in love with T-Tapp! The pain started to dissipate, and I felt better than I had in years. I extended my ten day boot camp to 14. My back pain has gone from a solid nine every day to about a four. There are periods of time now where I don't even know I have a back issue because it simply doesn't hurt. My arms and legs aren't numb anymore when I wake up.  I am standing straighter than I ever have.

*Basic Workout is only 15 minutes long!

The things you read on the T-Tapp website really do come true! I had no idea that a back problem that had plagued me since I was 11 years old could be turned around in two weeks time. In addition, I have lost pounds, sizes, and inches!  More importantly, T-Tapp helped me get back into my life.  I'm able to garden and do projects around the house with minimal pain. 


Heather said...

Wow! What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing!

Saminda said...

How wonderful Elizabeth! You will never look back now. :) xx