Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keeping my private life separate from my internet life....

I was out to dinner with my very closest friends the other night. They were talking about Face Book. I said I don't really have time for Face Book because I spend most of my time reading blogs. (Hence the reason I haven't posted in FOREVER...) One of my friends asked me if I have a blog. R said, "No, not really. She just has this sewing blog thing." This is the very reason my friends don't know I have blogs. Yes, plural. I in fact have four spread out over the internet. Not that I write in any of them. LOL I also have a journal on a bulletin board that I frequent. I'm afraid to share certain things with my real life friends. Maybe I just need some new friends. LOL

Although I write things in my blogs, I am what you would call a private person in my real life. I constantly guard the things I say and the words I write in e-mail. Much of this stems from my mother and her constant foraging in my room, journals, books, thoughts, events, etc. Secrets she shared with people indiscriminately. That's another post in itself.

I can be free on the internet with millions of people reading about my life. I hide my internet life from my real life friends. I think it is opposite for most people. They hide their real life from the internet.

Here's my question.....if I still have any readers at all.........How do you handle your blog? Do all of your real life friends know and read or do you keep it a secret. Something just for you and your readers?