Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorations and Preparations

Thanksgiving greetings to you all!
My daughter is home and all my chicks are gathered in.
I am one happy Mama!

Today is one of those perfectly grey, overcast Ohio days.
Makes it nice for staying in and baking
but difficult for photography.

This is the curtain above my window seat in my dining room.
I normally have a flower garland over the curtains.
These are reproduction post cards that I just clipped
into the foliage with clothes pins.

This is the actual window seat.
My grandmother's silver candy dish.
She always kept reception mints in it when I was a little girl.
White ceramic pumpkin from Target last year.
Antique bowl filled with real gourds.
Rusty metal leaf garland.
The tea pot is made of a substance called Britannia.
My great-great grandmother brought it over from England
when she settled in Canada.

I finished my Thanksgiving craft.
Earlier in October, my children and I went for a walk
and gathered leaves from our neighborhood.
I then traced them onto felt
and hand-embroidered them.
The leaves are sewn onto raffia.

I hung it on the dining room side of the dining room doorway.

This is on the living room side of the dining room doorway.
I love white twinkle lights.
You can catch a little peek at my teapot collection.

I am going to be baking cranberry pie and pumpkin pie this afternoon.
I might try my hand at some pumpkin shaped spritz cookies, as well.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Kathy said...

Hello! Love the felt leaves - what a terrific idea and I love the lights with the sunflowers! Inspiring!
Hope you have a delightsome Thanksgiving,