Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Decorations

Every year I haul out two big boxes of Thanksgiving decorations. Even the boxes that contain my harvest decorations are meaningful to me. Many years ago, my husband's grandma sent us a box of grapefruit from Florida where she lived. It was a heavy duty box with a sturdy hinged lid...too good to throw away. It now houses many loved items for autumn and it makes me think of her whenever I see it whether it be while decorating the house for fall or during the year where it smiles at me from the shelf.

Most people have a few items on their Christmas tree that were carefully created by a child during a Preschool or Sunday School class. I have those, but I can't throw anything away (remember the box mentioned above), so I also have turkeys lovingly assembled by chubby little hands during Sunday school and "maize" napkin holders.

I also have a small collection of antique turkey salt and pepper shakers and pilgrim figures. My mom and dad started picking them up for me at garage sales. My mom is THE champion garage-saler, but that is another post in itself.

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Katie said...

love those decorations! thank you for visititng my blog! hope you come back!