Saturday, September 25, 2010


This is the word that I use to describe my friend's visit. I've only met Trisch once in person, but I feel like I've known her forever because we both spend lots of time on the T-Tapp forum, we both home school, but most importantly, we both love the Lord!

She and her family are traveling through the eastern United States for the next two weeks and they chose to visit my family!

We ate dinner and then her family ministered to us with song and instrument. How talented they are! How beautifully they praised our Lord!

Tuning up.

Such talent! Such sweet spirits!

The boys got a kick out of our parakeet, Augustine. Loved those belly laughs!

Angelic voices praising the Lord!

Trisch and me

The little boys. My son is on the left.

Little girls. My daughter is on the right.

Goodbye! Thank you for visiting! Please come again!


Seven Sisters said...

We had SO much fun at your house, and the food was delicious! Thank you so much!


Tarissa said...

Aw, lovely pictures of a lovely family! I enjoy reading the Seven Sisters blog. They always post such enjoyable things. I'm sure they're even better in person though. =)

Garden Girl said...

Seven Sisters, we had fun, too!! Loved your visit! I'm still smiling:)

Tarissa, thank you for visiting my blog. They were wonderful!! I wish they could have stayed longer.