Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dinner Party

Do we ever outgrow our need for tea parties?

Last night I hosted a dinner party for the women of our adoption support group. It was originally supposed to be dinner and dessert in my garden and then a fire afterwards, but, given that it is October in Ohio, it poured rain all night.

I decided that since the event would be inside, that I would pull out all the stops. I set layers of my grandmother's "china", made up little party favors (sitting in the bowls), and used "stemware". I had these little orange glass leaves that I popped a tea light in and set at everyone's place.

I made a pot of tea to drink with dessert. For those who didn't want tea, I served hot apple cider. It was so fun to use all my special tea cups and dishes.

My photos don't do it justice. I am still learning how to use this camera.

We had a wonderful evening talking about our children and the adoption "experience." :)

I really love these ladies!

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