Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm such a bad blogger!

Ugghhhhh! I want to be a better blogger, but.....

We started school and, by the grace of God, I'm really trying to make that my top priority. This is the first year that I'm REALLY homeschooling three kids. Jumping from one to three is a big deal:) I'm sure I'll be in the flow pretty soon. Right? Right!!??!

On the adoption front, we've heard nothing from our agency, so I can only assume that we didn't even make it to matching this time. The matching meeting was on the 20th.

The Lord is teaching me a lot about obedience. Each time an adoption opportunity has come up, we've been obedient to what we felt the Lord wanted us to do-send in our home study. We are not obedient because we might get something in the end, but because it is what is required of us. Much like when I ask my children to do something....I want them to obey because they love me, not because I will give them something when they are through.

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